Triomatic T20/T25

Brand: Trioliet
Sku: Triomatic T20/T25
Year: 2016

The Triomatic T20 is an automatic feeding system with a stationary mixer and a feeding robot. The Triomatic T20 is ideal for livestock farmers who want to feed one basic ration, plus various added components where necessary for each feeding group. Also for small-scale farmers that want to feed their livestock a comprehensive ration for a small investment, the Triomatic T20 offers solution.

  • Capacity     7 - 46 m³.
  • Model         Automatic feeding.

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  • Feed kitchen with stationary mixer(s).
  • Stationary mixers from 7 till 46 m3.
  • Discharge chain conveyor with length 11' mounted on stationary mixer.
  • Stationary mixer with E-drive.
  • 6-pole E-motors or 4-/8- pole pole-switching E-Motors.

Trioomatic T10/T20