Another successful installation and start-up for a refurbished ROVIBEC gnawer! This latest commissioning is a testament to our dedication to providing state-of-the-art equipment and sustainable solutions for the agricultural industry.

ROV4000 robot

Another successful installation for Rovibec dealer Demanche Équipements Agricoles! We have deployed a ROV4000 robot at the RODAJEAN farm, marking another step forward in our commitment to innovation and efficiency in agriculture.

DP2 DEC4436 ROVIBEC robot

We installed an electrified rail and a DP2 DEC4436 ROVIBEC robot with a refurbished electrified top dress. This upgrade marks an important milestone in our ongoing quest for agricultural efficiency and innovation.

Rovibec DEC4436 robot installation refurbished

Installation of the electrified rail with a Rovibec DEC4436 RTM robot WITH TOP DRESS