Robotic Feed Pusher FP-2

Product number : Robotic Feed Pusher FP-2

Self-Guided, Commercial Grade Robotic Feed Pusher

BouMatic FP-2 feed pusher allows you to reduce labor costs and positively impact milk production.

Improves Milk Production
Full consumption of feed ration increases milk yield by 7% according to the Journal of Animal Science. The pusher keeps feed to the cows to allow her to eat at any time of the day. By having feed pushed up to the animal throughout the day, it stimulates more frequent eating. With a constant availability of feed, a cow’s intake of dry matter can increase as much as 3.5%. This in turn also minimizes feed waste on average of 75%, because the feed is always within reach the cows are encouraged to eat all of it.
Labor Savings
Most often, labor is the limiting factor in making fresh feed available to cows. An installation can save up to 180 man-hours a year with the use of a feed pusher. Based on three feed rounds of 10 minutes a day each, the FP-2 will save at least 183 hours which is the equivalent of 22 eight-hour working days a year. Then there is the savings from not having to pay someone for those hours. Beyond that is the flexibility derived from having a machine able to work any weekend and even holidays!

The FP-2 is ideal for farms who desire to drop feed rations in the barn once daily. Its robust weight and power continually move the feed ration closer to the animals during the 24 hour period, saving the farm time and expense.

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