DEC DP distributor

Benefits and features:

  • Device meets North American and European certification standards (CSA, UL, CE).
  • Distributes RTM basic ration as well as grains, supplements, minerals and concentrates individually to each cow (according to your programming per cow, group and/or pen).
  • Directs the robot to the loading points (silo, screw, conveyor) and calculates the remaining quantities of ingredients in the silos.
  • Feeds cows in loose housing or stanchion barns without human intervention.
  • Feeds up to 16 meals a day, for up to 999 cows, and manages the quantities of ingredients consumed per cow.
  • Up to 7 feed supplement compartments automatically serve supplements to each individual cow!
  • Can help increase the value of milk components.
  • Manages individual feeding curves and distribution paths.
  • Low energy consumption (2.2 kw).
  • Food-grade 304 stainless steel construction.

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