Commercial Ranger


How can you save time and increase efficiency?

Investing in an automated forage pusher is probably a good solution. The Ranger is probably a very worthwhile investment in this respect!

This new version of the RANGER has been specially designed for the intensive use required by larger farms.

Can you imagine never having to push feed to your livestock again?

Let rovibec’s automated forage harvester do it for you!

The Rovibec Ranger will follow its magnetic strip up to 40 times a day. It will efficiently push food back to the feeder. And it will even adapt to the amount of food left in the feeder!

Programming is simple, and the robot is reliable and maintenance-free. Once its work is done, it returns to its recharging station until the next departure.

Because your herd has access to fresh feed, all day, every day. You’ll see increased milk production and reduced feeding costs.

The RANGER COMMERCIAL forage harvester is designed for very large herds and applications requiring more power than the standard version.

It pushes quantities of over 100 Lbs per foot (150 Kg per meter).

Why choose another?

  • Automated forage harvester: self-guided and autonomous, pushing the ration several times a day
  • Simple, efficient and reliable thanks to a magnetic strip inserted into the ground
  • Automatic variation of distance from feed trough without programming
  • Increases feed intake and milk production according to Journal of Animal Science study
  • No risk of dangerous separation
  • Motorized frame rotation for better pushing with less effort
  • Easy maintenance

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